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Last NameLastP/E ratio
MERRIMACK PHARMAC.. USD 11.06Delayed Quote.0.31
OPHTHOTECH CORP USD 3.22Delayed Quote.1.18
ACACIA RESEARCH C.. USD 3.85Delayed Quote.1.58
PARK HOTELS & RES.. USD -Delayed Quote.2.36
GNC HOLDINGS INC USD 3.57Delayed Quote.2.61
GENWORTH FINANCIA.. USD 3.21Delayed Quote.2.88
HALCON RESOURCES .. USD 7.85Delayed Quote.3.07
PENN NATIONAL GAM.. USD 30.79Delayed Quote.3.42
KEMET CORPORATION USD 16.57Delayed Quote.3.45
WARRIOR MET COAL .. USD 26.96Delayed Quote.3.61
Last NameLastP/E ratio
CASCADES INC CAD 14.56End-of-day quote.2.67
BONAVISTA ENERGY .. CAD 1.9End-of-day quote.3.73
PAINTED PONY ENER.. CAD 2.19End-of-day quote.3.77
AIR CANADA CAD 24.68End-of-day quote.4.11
IMPERIAL METALS C.. CAD 3.01End-of-day quote.4.29
ETRION SA CAD 0.28End-of-day quote.4.49
VALEANT PHARMACEU.. CAD 29.61End-of-day quote.4.72
ALACER GOLD CORP CAD 2.21End-of-day quote.5.00
CENOVUS ENERGY IN.. CAD 12.55End-of-day quote.5.10
JUST ENERGY GROUP.. CAD 5.28End-of-day quote.5.64
Last NameLastP/E ratio
INDUSTRIAS PENOLE.. MXN 420.46End-of-day quote.5.27
CREDITO REAL SAB .. MXN 26.29End-of-day quote.6.11
CORPORACION INMOB.. MXN 23.8End-of-day quote.6.18
OHL MEXICO SAB DE.. MXN 33.35End-of-day quote.6.46
FIBRA SHOP PRTFLS.. MXN 10.53End-of-day quote.7.11
CONCENTRADORA HIP.. MXN 18.31End-of-day quote.7.51
AXTEL S.A.B. DE C.. MXN 3.96End-of-day quote.7.73
RASSINI SAB DE CV MXN 72.17End-of-day quote.7.96
GRUPO FINANCIERO .. MXN 87.96End-of-day quote.8.14
GENTERA SAB DE CV MXN 17.38End-of-day quote.8.42
Last NameLastP/E ratio
ZOO DIGITAL GROUP.. GBp 57.5Delayed Quote.1.53
MARSHALL MOTOR HO.. GBp 166Delayed Quote.2.28
TRINITY MIRROR PL.. GBp 82Delayed Quote.2.64
GENEL ENERGY GBp 119Delayed Quote.3.27
INTERSERVE PLC GBp 102.8Delayed Quote.3.35
DRAPER ESPRIT GBp 391Delayed Quote.4.46
GAZPROM PAO (EDR) USD 4.762Delayed Quote.4.47
LEKOIL LTD GBp 17.775Delayed Quote.4.87
MHP SA USD 12.35Delayed Quote.5.46
FERREXPO PLC GBp 296.4Delayed Quote.6.40
Last NameLastP/E ratio
BB BIOTECH AG CHF 68.85Delayed Quote.6.10
SUNRISE COMMUNICA.. CHF 90.55Delayed Quote.10.01
BKW AG CHF 57.5Delayed Quote.11.07
SCHWEITER TECHNOL.. CHF 1276Delayed Quote.11.27
MOBILEZONE AG CHF 12.74Delayed Quote.11.69
SWISS LIFE HOLDIN.. CHF 350.7Delayed Quote.11.83
HBM HEALTHCARE IN.. CHF 137.8Delayed Quote.12.89
BÂLOISE-HOLDING CHF 154.4Delayed Quote.12.89
HELVETIA HOLDING CHF 558.5Delayed Quote.13.16
VP BANK AG CHF 134Delayed Quote.13.27
Last NameLastP/E ratio
AURELIUS EQUITY O.. EUR 59.15Delayed Quote.3.39
RWE EUR 17.64Delayed Quote.4.25
AROUNDTOWN SA EUR 6.54Delayed Quote.4.94
GIGASET AG EUR 0.6Delayed Quote.5.29
E.ON EUR 9.237Delayed Quote.5.32
ADO PROPERTIES EUR 43.76Delayed Quote.5.80
LUFTHANSA GROUP EUR 30.26Delayed Quote.6.03
LEG IMMOBILIEN EUR 97.34Delayed Quote.6.70
PORSCHE EUR 73.96Delayed Quote.7.31
GRAND CITY PROPER.. EUR 19.9Delayed Quote.7.37
Last NameLastP/E ratio
ASSYSTEM EUR 30.5Real-time Quote.2.00
SOLOCAL GROUP EUR 0.961Real-time Quote.3.02
RENAULT EUR 87.2Real-time Quote.5.59
AIR FRANCE-KLM EUR 14.06Real-time Quote.7.07
NEOPOST EUR 24.08Real-time Quote.7.16
PRODWARE EUR 11.86Real-time Quote.8.04
GECINA EUR 154.3Real-time Quote.8.06
CRÉDIT AGRICOLE N.. EUR 22.85Real-time Quote.8.32
PEUGEOT EUR 18.105Real-time Quote.8.56
DLSI EUR 24.9Real-time Quote.8.79
Last NameLastP/E ratio
AGFA-GEVAERT EUR 4.046Delayed Quote.7.93
WAREHOUSES DE PAU.. EUR 95.7Delayed Quote.9.27
BEFIMMO EUR 54Delayed Quote.9.52
D'IETEREN EUR 37.9Delayed Quote.10.17
AEDIFICA EUR 79.3Delayed Quote.11.78
KBC GROUPE EUR 73.4Delayed Quote.12.15
SIPEF EUR 64.8Delayed Quote.12.33
AGEAS EUR 41.5Delayed Quote.12.69
ATENOR EUR 49.4Delayed Quote.13.00
BEKAERT EUR 37.16Delayed Quote.13.24
Last NameLastP/E ratio
PROBIODRUG EUR 11.45Delayed Quote.4.54
HEIJMANS EUR 9.88Delayed Quote.6.28
AEGON EUR 5.35Delayed Quote.6.98
NN GROUP EUR 36.75Delayed Quote.7.54
ASR NEDERLAND EUR 33.8Delayed Quote.8.32
ARCELORMITTAL EUR 28.415Delayed Quote.8.77
EUROCASTLE INVEST.. EUR 8.24Delayed Quote.9.32
UNIBAIL-RODAMCO EUR 211.1Delayed Quote.9.61
STERN GROEP EUR 20Delayed Quote.9.62
KAS BANK EUR 10Delayed Quote.9.80
Last NameLastP/E ratio
KIRI INDUSTRIES L.. INR 571End-of-day quote.4.25
PNB GILTS LTD. INR 47.25End-of-day quote.4.42
DHAMPUR SUGAR MIL.. INR 216End-of-day quote.4.69
POWER FINANCE COR.. INR 125.1End-of-day quote.5.01
VERITAS (INDIA) L.. -End-of-day quote.5.36
BALRAMPUR CHINI M.. INR 139.9End-of-day quote.5.52
RURAL ELECTRIFICA.. INR 161.75End-of-day quote.5.59
GUJARAT INDUSTRIE.. INR 137.9End-of-day quote.6.90
PTC INDIA FINANCI.. INR 38.25End-of-day quote.6.94
TRIVENI ENGINEERI.. INR 77.7End-of-day quote.6.95
Last NameLastP/E ratio
HUA XIA BANK CO.,.. CNY 9.16End-of-day quote.5.96
INDUSTRIAL BANK C.. CNY 17.2End-of-day quote.6.21
SHANGHAI PUDONG D.. CNY 12.69End-of-day quote.6.26
CHINA EVERBRIGHT .. CNY 4.12End-of-day quote.6.29
SHANGHAI WANYE EN.. CNY 14End-of-day quote.6.38
CHINA MINSHENG BA.. CNY 8.6End-of-day quote.6.40
AGRICULTURAL BANK.. CNY 3.87End-of-day quote.6.65
JIANGXI ZHENGBANG.. CNY -End-of-day quote.6.74
BANK OF BEIJING C.. CNY 7.29End-of-day quote.6.74
CHINA UNION HOLDI.. -End-of-day quote.6.80
Last NameLastP/E ratio
GREENLAND HONG KO.. HKD 3.45End-of-day quote.3.49
DAH SING FINANCIA.. HKD 52.5End-of-day quote.3.70
HARBIN BANK CO LT.. HKD 2.4End-of-day quote.4.17
POWERLONG REAL ES.. HKD 4.07End-of-day quote.4.33
CHINA SOUTH CITY .. HKD 2.19End-of-day quote.4.41
BANK OF CHONGQING.. HKD 6.41End-of-day quote.4.41
HOPEWELL HOLDINGS.. HKD 31.8End-of-day quote.4.60
CHINA HUISHAN DAI.. HKD 0.42End-of-day quote.4.66
HUTCHISON TELECOM.. HKD 3.13End-of-day quote.4.66
CONCORD NEW ENERG.. HKD 0.34End-of-day quote.4.74
Last NameLastP/E ratio
FOLLI FOLLIE CMRC.. EUR 19Delayed Quote.6.12
MOTOR OIL HELLAS .. EUR 18.9Delayed Quote.6.82
HELLENIC PETROLEU.. EUR 7.92Delayed Quote.6.85
MYTILINEOS HOLDIN.. EUR 9.31Delayed Quote.8.74
GEK TERNA HOLDING.. EUR 4.83Delayed Quote.9.47
PUBLIC POWER CORP.. EUR 2.196Delayed Quote.11.16
AEGEAN AIRLINES EUR 8.28Delayed Quote.11.50
AUTOHELLAS S.A. EUR 23.6Delayed Quote.11.74
EUROBANK ERGASIAS.. EUR 0.875Delayed Quote.12.55
JUMBO SA EUR 14.96Delayed Quote.14.42
Last NameLastP/E ratio
ISRAEL DISCOUNT B.. ILa 1020Delayed Quote.10.20
BANK LEUMI LE ISR.. ILa 2153Delayed Quote.10.40
BEZEQ THE ISRAELI.. ILa 553.6Delayed Quote.11.12
BANK HAPOALIM LTD.. ILa 2576Delayed Quote.11.82
MIZRAHI TEFAHOT B.. ILa 6700Delayed Quote.12.09
ICL ISRAEL CHEMIC.. ILa 1399Delayed Quote.13.50
NOVA MEASURING IN.. ILa 9667Delayed Quote.16.25
TOWER SEMICONDUCT.. ILa 12280Delayed Quote.17.73
DELEK GROUP LTD. ILa 60390Delayed Quote.18.03
SHUFERSAL LTD. ILa 2314Delayed Quote.19.28
Last NameLastP/E ratio
DEPA LIMITED USD -End-of-day quote.4.98
EMIRATES REIT (CE.. USD -End-of-day quote.5.36
EMIRATES NBD BANK.. AED 8.12End-of-day quote.5.83
MASHREQBANK PSC AED 70End-of-day quote.5.95
DAMAC PROPERTIES .. AED 3.31End-of-day quote.5.98
UNION NATIONAL BA.. AED 3.85End-of-day quote.6.75
ABU DHABI ISLAMIC.. AED 3.79End-of-day quote.7.29
ALDAR PROPERTIES .. AED 2.25End-of-day quote.7.36
DANA GAS CO PJS AED 0.78End-of-day quote.8.50
DUBAI ISLAMIC BAN.. AED 6.33End-of-day quote.8.55

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