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Last NameLastRSI 14
DST SYSTEMS, INC. USD 83.51Delayed Quote.94.34
SS&C TECHNOLOGIES.. USD 49.47Delayed Quote.90.41
ARES MANAGEMENT L.. USD 22.95Delayed Quote.89.16
NATURAL RESOURCE .. USD 32.45Delayed Quote.89.14
NEWMARK GROUP INC USD 15.87Delayed Quote.89.05
SILVERBOW RESOURC.. USD 32.82Delayed Quote.88.57
FLUOR CORPORATION USD 57.07Delayed Quote.88.50
PROGRESS SOFTWARE.. USD 50.69Delayed Quote.88.12
UNITED TECHNOLOGI.. USD 136.58Delayed Quote.87.94
BOEING COMPANY (T.. USD 336.21Delayed Quote.87.84
Last NameLastRSI 14
PURE INDUSTRIAL R.. CAD 8.09End-of-day quote.88.95
BLACK DIAMOND GRO.. CAD 3.02End-of-day quote.85.59
ARIZONA MINING IN.. CAD 4.2End-of-day quote.85.21
TECK RESOURCES LT.. CAD 38.25End-of-day quote.85.16
ANDREW PELLER LTD CAD 16.4End-of-day quote.84.77
PURE TECHNOLOGIES.. CAD 8.99End-of-day quote.84.51
DOJA CANNABIS COM.. CAD 3.3Delayed Quote.84.28
AG GROWTH INTERNA.. CAD 58.71End-of-day quote.83.32
GROUPE BMTC INC CAD 18.3End-of-day quote.82.99
STUART OLSON INC CAD 7.97End-of-day quote.81.77
Last NameLastRSI 14
GRUPO FAMSA SAB D.. MXN 11.14End-of-day quote.80.43
LA COMER SAB DE C.. MXN 19.11End-of-day quote.78.53
GMEXICO TRANSPORT.. MXN 31.35End-of-day quote.77.67
QUALITAS CONTROLA.. MXN 37.21End-of-day quote.72.24
GRUPO SIMEC SAB D.. MXN 65.33End-of-day quote.66.26
OHL MEXICO SAB DE.. MXN 33.48End-of-day quote.65.86
GRUPO MEXICO S.A... MXN 66.19End-of-day quote.65.41
GRUPO COMERCIAL C.. MXN 38.95End-of-day quote.63.52
VITRO SAB DE CV MXN 71.49End-of-day quote.62.69
CEMEX SAB DE CV MXN 15.31End-of-day quote.61.88
Last NameLastRSI 14
GREAT EASTERN ENE.. GBp 76Delayed Quote.99.97
JERSEY ELECTRICIT.. GBp 500Delayed Quote.99.96
GRESHAM HOUSE PLC GBp 428Delayed Quote.99.63
NEXUS INFRASTRUCT.. GBp 244Delayed Quote.98.81
ANGLING DIRECT PL.. GBp 113.5Delayed Quote.98.38
HMS HYDRAULIC MAC.. USD 10Delayed Quote.97.36
JPEL PRIVATE EQUI.. USD 1.445Delayed Quote.96.94
CRANEWARE PLC GBp 1720Delayed Quote.96.31
MID WYND INTERNAT.. GBp 507.5Delayed Quote.94.86
ABERDEEN JAPAN IN.. GBp 680Delayed Quote.93.42
Last NameLastRSI 14
CREALOGIX HOLDING.. CHF 176Delayed Quote.88.44
HBM HEALTHCARE IN.. CHF 142Delayed Quote.84.96
ST GALLER KANTONA.. CHF 502Delayed Quote.83.97
PANALPINA WELTTRA.. CHF 161Delayed Quote.83.63
DAETWYLER HOLDING.. CHF 205Delayed Quote.82.05
BURCKHARDT COMPRE.. CHF 359Delayed Quote.82.02
ORASCOM DEVELOPME.. CHF 15.3Delayed Quote.79.65
AUTONEUM HOLDING .. CHF 296.2Delayed Quote.79.27
TORNOS HOLDINGS S.. CHF 8.3Delayed Quote.78.91
CICOR TECHNOLOGIE.. CHF 70Delayed Quote.78.60
Last NameLastRSI 14
SFC ENERGY AG EUR 8.5Delayed Quote.88.85
EXCEET GROUP SE EUR 5.35Delayed Quote.88.45
WALLSTREET:ONLINE.. EUR 58.8Delayed Quote.87.60
MUTARES AG EUR 18.55Delayed Quote.86.10
M1 KLINIKEN AG EUR 13.9Delayed Quote.85.40
PVA TEPLA AG EUR 15.25Delayed Quote.84.85
GRENKE AG EUR 94.9Delayed Quote.84.65
NORDEX SE EUR 10.51Delayed Quote.83.62
TUI EUR 17.855Delayed Quote.82.65
SALZGITTER AG EUR 51.28Delayed Quote.80.59
Last NameLastRSI 14
SOCIÉTÉ FONCIÈRE .. EUR 60.6Real-time Quote.90.22
LE BÉLIER EUR 55.2Real-time Quote.90.12
LACROIX EUR 34.2Real-time Quote.89.32
CDA (COMPAGNIE DE.. EUR 36Real-time Quote.86.45
ABEO EUR 47.3Real-time Quote.86.32
FOUNTAINE PAJOT EUR 120Real-time Quote.86.25
KEYYO EUR 25.1Real-time Quote.85.64
BÉNÉTEAU EUR 22.85Real-time Quote.83.98
GENEURO EUR 6.9Real-time Quote.82.50
LDC EUR 126.5Real-time Quote.82.09
Last NameLastRSI 14
ABLYNX EUR 36.6Delayed Quote.93.19
ROULARTA MEDIA GR.. EUR 24.5Delayed Quote.85.65
TIGENIX NV EUR 1.704Delayed Quote.85.34
KBC ANCORA EUR 55.75Delayed Quote.79.07
SOFINA EUR 138.2Delayed Quote.78.46
BARCO EUR 95.8Delayed Quote.78.11
UMICORE EUR 45.105Delayed Quote.76.46
BIOCARTIS GROUP EUR 14.16Delayed Quote.73.24
GROUPE BRUXELLES .. EUR 94.8Delayed Quote.72.38
AGEAS EUR 42.68Delayed Quote.72.11
Last NameLastRSI 14
GEMALTO EUR 49.6Delayed Quote.82.86
AMG EUR 46.12Delayed Quote.81.62
PROBIODRUG EUR 16Delayed Quote.80.08
AEGON EUR 5.692Delayed Quote.79.25
KAS BANK EUR 10.2Delayed Quote.78.96
ROYAL DUTCH SHELL EUR 29.13Delayed Quote.78.71
ORDINA EUR 1.67Delayed Quote.78.23
ING GROEP EUR 16.612Delayed Quote.77.97
ARCELORMITTAL EUR 30.63Delayed Quote.77.90
RANDSTAD EUR 56.06Delayed Quote.77.13
Last NameLastRSI 14
LANCO INFRATECH L.. INR 1.85End-of-day quote.93.29
KSK ENERGY VENTUR.. INR 19.7End-of-day quote.93.15
TATA SPONGE IRON .. INR 1190End-of-day quote.91.10
KARUTURI GLOBAL L.. INR 2.6End-of-day quote.90.36
D B REALTY LTD INR 78.1End-of-day quote.88.38
INFINITE COMPUTER.. INR 351.55End-of-day quote.87.69
EXCEL CROP CARE L.. INR 2914.8End-of-day quote.85.71
GVK POWER AND INF.. INR 25.55End-of-day quote.85.67
ABAN OFFSHORE LTD INR 263End-of-day quote.85.36
GREENPLY INDUSTRI.. INR 380End-of-day quote.85.23
Last NameLastRSI 14
SHANGHAI SHIMAO C.. CNY 6.31End-of-day quote.92.39
EASYSIGHT SUPPLY .. CNY 16.94End-of-day quote.89.55
SICHUAN LANGUANG .. CNY 12End-of-day quote.88.77
CHINA FORTUNE LAN.. CNY 39.81End-of-day quote.87.48
FUTURE LAND HOLDI.. CNY 34.79End-of-day quote.84.87
CHINA PETROLEUM &.. CNY 7.15End-of-day quote.84.64
GEMDALE CORPORATI.. CNY 15.92End-of-day quote.84.55
ANTONG HOLDINGS C.. CNY 28.45End-of-day quote.82.27
CHANGCHUN SINOENE.. CNY 12.67End-of-day quote.80.50
ZHEJIANG XINAN CH.. CNY 11.56End-of-day quote.80.49
Last NameLastRSI 14
XINYI SOLAR HOLDI.. HKD 3.59End-of-day quote.87.71
FLAT GLASS GROUP .. HKD 2.15End-of-day quote.86.87
HOSA INTERNATIONA.. HKD 3.03End-of-day quote.86.29
FUTURE LAND DEVEL.. HKD 6.84End-of-day quote.86.28
ZHONGYU GAS HOLDI.. HKD 5.47End-of-day quote.84.73
CHINA OVERSEAS LA.. HKD 29.55End-of-day quote.84.00
BOC AVIATION LTD HKD 46.6End-of-day quote.83.92
XTEP INTERNATIONA.. HKD 3.52End-of-day quote.83.71
ESSEX BIO-TECHNOL.. HKD 5.62End-of-day quote.83.60
CHINA AOYUAN PROP.. HKD 6End-of-day quote.83.51
Last NameLastRSI 14
GEK TERNA HOLDING.. EUR 4.95Delayed Quote.80.59
IASO SA EUR 1.265Delayed Quote.77.52
MARFIN INVESTMENT.. EUR 0.1486Delayed Quote.77.41
ELLAKTOR EUR 1.948Delayed Quote.76.29
THESSALONIKI PORT.. EUR 26.5Delayed Quote.75.79
TITAN CEMENT COMP.. EUR 23.05Delayed Quote.75.35
HELLENIC EXCHANGE.. EUR 5.58Delayed Quote.75.30
ELVALHALCOR HELLE.. EUR 1.73Delayed Quote.75.25
J AND P AVAX SA EUR 0.83Delayed Quote.74.71
AEGEAN AIRLINES EUR 8.64Delayed Quote.74.13
Last NameLastRSI 14
KAMADA LTD. ILa 1906Delayed Quote.83.63
DELEK GROUP LTD. ILa 62900Delayed Quote.71.11
EVOGENE LTD ILa 1380Delayed Quote.68.68
TEVA PHARMACEUTIC.. ILa 7227Delayed Quote.68.24
FIRST INTERNATION.. ILa 7552Delayed Quote.68.21
RAMI LEVI CHAIN S.. ILa 20030Delayed Quote.66.42
ELECTRA LTD ILa 90740Delayed Quote.66.23
INTEC PHARMA LTD ILa 2351Delayed Quote.66.12
SHIKUN & BINUI LT.. ILa 828.9Delayed Quote.64.82
CLAL INSURANCE EN.. ILa 6911Delayed Quote.64.69
Last NameLastRSI 14
ABU DHABI NATNL O.. AED 2.62End-of-day quote.86.54
DUBAI ISLAMIC BAN.. AED 6.5End-of-day quote.82.67
DEYAAR DEVELOPMEN.. AED 0.557End-of-day quote.81.68
EMAAR DEVELOPMENT.. AED 5.73End-of-day quote.79.96
FIRST ABU DHABI B.. AED 11.05End-of-day quote.74.40
UNION PROPERTIES .. AED 1End-of-day quote.73.67
ARABTEC HOLDING P.. AED 2.75End-of-day quote.73.04
RAS AL KHAIMAH PR.. AED 0.82End-of-day quote.71.96
ABU DHABI COMMERC.. AED 7.3End-of-day quote.67.35
ISLAMIC ARAB INSU.. AED 0.547End-of-day quote.66.88

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