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Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
WILLDAN GROUP, IN.. USD 24.35Delayed Quote.
HUTTIG BUILDING P.. USD 7.15Delayed Quote.
CTI BIOPHARMA COR.. USD 3.41Delayed Quote.
VIRCO MFG. CORPOR.. USD 4.75Delayed Quote.
SYNTHETIC BIOLOGI.. USD 0.5245Delayed Quote.
VERMILLION, INC. USD 1.65Delayed Quote.
TWO RIVERS BANCOR.. USD 18.25Delayed Quote.
J ALEXANDERS HOLD.. USD 9.1Delayed Quote.
BAY BANKS OF VIRG.. USD 10.55Delayed Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
CORBY SPIRIT AND .. CAD 21.74End-of-day quote.
ECO ATLANTIC OIL .. CAD -End-of-day quote.
VALOR VENTURES IN.. -End-of-day quote.
ECOBALT SOLUTIONS.. CAD 1.83End-of-day quote.
BACANORA MINERALS.. CAD -End-of-day quote.
CORSA COAL CORP CAD -End-of-day quote.
INTELGENX TECHNOL.. CAD -End-of-day quote.
UEX CORPORATION CAD 0.32End-of-day quote.
DOJA CANNABIS COM.. CAD 3.3Delayed Quote.
NANOXPLORE INC CAD -End-of-day quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
GRUPO CEMENTOS DE.. MXN 95.04End-of-day quote.
GRUPO HOTELERO SA.. MXN 10.5End-of-day quote.
RASSINI SAB DE CV MXN 73.56End-of-day quote.
GRUPO GICSA SA DE.. MXN 9.35End-of-day quote.
PROMOTORA Y OPERA.. MXN 191.32End-of-day quote.
CREDITO REAL SAB .. MXN 25.38End-of-day quote.
QUALITAS CONTROLA.. MXN 37.21End-of-day quote.
CORPORACION INMOB.. MXN 23.89End-of-day quote.
GRUPO TRAXION SAB.. MXN 15.83End-of-day quote.
MEXICHEM SAB DE C.. MXN 51.64End-of-day quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
SEEING MACHINES L.. GBp 6.35Delayed Quote.
VELOCYS PLC GBp 27.25Delayed Quote.
DART GROUP PLC GBp 680Delayed Quote.
WATKIN JONES PLC GBp 226Delayed Quote.
SOMERO ENTERPRISE.. GBp 365Delayed Quote.
TIME OUT GROUP PL.. GBp 130.5Delayed Quote.
HUNTSWORTH PLC GBp 82.4Delayed Quote.
FUTURE PLC GBp 408Delayed Quote.
OAKLEY CAPITAL IN.. GBp 163.75Delayed Quote.
COMMUNISIS PLC GBp 63.6Delayed Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
AEVIS VICTORIA SA CHF 59.8Delayed Quote.
CASSIOPEA SPA CHF 34.4Delayed Quote.
HBM HEALTHCARE IN.. CHF 142Delayed Quote.
PEACH PROPERTY GR.. CHF 30Delayed Quote.
ALSO HOLDING AG CHF 141Delayed Quote.
HOCHDORF HOLDING .. CHF 298Delayed Quote.
BACHEM HOLDING AG CHF 153.2Delayed Quote.
COSMO PHARMACEUTI.. CHF 147.6Delayed Quote.
KOMAX HOLDING AG CHF 325Delayed Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
EINHELL GERMANY A.. EUR 89.4Delayed Quote.
AGROB IMMOBILIEN .. EUR -End-of-day quote.
WUESTENROT & WUER.. EUR 24.65Delayed Quote.
PROCREDIT HOLDING.. EUR 12.9Delayed Quote.
PYROLYX AG EUR 10.2Delayed Quote.
SCHWEIZER ELECTRO.. EUR 21.4Delayed Quote.
INVISION AG EUR 26Delayed Quote.
MUEHLHAN AG EUR 2.98Delayed Quote.
4SC AG EUR 4.73Delayed Quote.
MERKUR BANK KGAA EUR 7.75Delayed Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
CARBIOS EUR 9.17Real-time Quote.
SUPERSONIC IMAGIN.. EUR 1.922Real-time Quote.
RÉALITÉS EUR 26Real-time Quote.
REWORLD MEDIA EUR 1.885Real-time Quote.
BILENDI EUR 10.55Real-time Quote.
AMOÉBA EUR 17.1Real-time Quote.
UNION FINANCIÈRE .. EUR 31Real-time Quote.
GROUPE PAROT EUR 9.6Real-time Quote.
DIAXONHIT EUR 4.805Real-time Quote.
CATANA GROUP EUR 3.4Real-time Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
MITHRA PHARMACEUT.. EUR 10.8Delayed Quote.
FINANCIÈRE DE TUB.. EUR 66.8Delayed Quote.
BIOCARTIS GROUP EUR 14.16Delayed Quote.
ROULARTA MEDIA GR.. EUR 24.5Delayed Quote.
SIPEF EUR 63Delayed Quote.
KBC ANCORA EUR 55.75Delayed Quote.
REALDOLMEN EUR 28.1Delayed Quote.
ARGEN-X EUR 55.9Delayed Quote.
COMPAGNIE IMMOBIL.. EUR 54.2Delayed Quote.
ABLYNX EUR 36.6Delayed Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
AMG EUR 46.12Delayed Quote.
NSI EUR 34.65Delayed Quote.
CTAC EUR 3.51Delayed Quote.
KONINKLIJKE VOLKE.. EUR 23.9Delayed Quote.
STERN GROEP EUR 19.9Delayed Quote.
DPA GROUP EUR 1.73Delayed Quote.
PROBIODRUG EUR 16Delayed Quote.
NEWAYS ELECTRONIC.. EUR 13.55Delayed Quote.
KIADIS PHARMA EUR 8.04Delayed Quote.
TKH GROUP EUR 54.65Delayed Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
MONTE CARLO FASHI.. -End-of-day quote.
GE POWER INDIA LT.. INR 921.95End-of-day quote.
RSWM LTD. INR 406End-of-day quote.
KIRLOSKAR BROTHER.. INR 365.5End-of-day quote.
PSP PROJECTS LTD INR 557End-of-day quote.
TV18 BROADCAST LT.. INR 66.2End-of-day quote.
SHIPPING CORPORAT.. INR 95.7End-of-day quote.
VIJAYA BANK INR 67.2End-of-day quote.
SUPREME PETROCHEM.. INR 397.9End-of-day quote.
AARTI DRUGS LTD. INR 752.3End-of-day quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
SINOMACH AUTOMOBI.. CNY 11.39End-of-day quote.
JIANGSU FLAG CHEM.. CNY -End-of-day quote.
SHANGHAI LIANGXIN.. CNY -End-of-day quote.
CHONGQING LANDAI .. CNY -End-of-day quote.
SICHUAN TROY INFO.. CNY -End-of-day quote.
ZHEJIANG DILONG C.. CNY -End-of-day quote.
SHENZHEN SUNNYPOL.. CNY -End-of-day quote.
SICHUAN YAHUA IND.. CNY -End-of-day quote.
SHIJIAZHUANG CHAN.. -End-of-day quote.
JINCHENG PAPER CO.. -End-of-day quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
MODERN DENTAL GRO.. HKD 2.2End-of-day quote.
CHINA SANJIANG FI.. HKD 3.68End-of-day quote.
TANG PALACE (CHIN.. HKD 3.06End-of-day quote.
GEMDALE PROPERTIE.. HKD 0.97End-of-day quote.
BOYAA INTERACTIVE.. HKD 3.38End-of-day quote.
CHINA MERCHANTS L.. HKD 1.58End-of-day quote.
PLOVER BAY TECHNO.. HKD 1.81End-of-day quote.
BINHAI INVESTMENT.. HKD 1.6End-of-day quote.
DATANG ENVIRONMEN.. HKD -End-of-day quote.
PRECISION TSUGAMI.. HKD -End-of-day quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
AUTOHELLAS S.A. EUR 24.2Delayed Quote.
JUMBO SA EUR 15.38Delayed Quote.
MOTOR OIL HELLAS .. EUR 19.94Delayed Quote.
ELLAKTOR EUR 1.948Delayed Quote.
MYTILINEOS HOLDIN.. EUR 9.71Delayed Quote.
FOURLIS EUR 5.77Delayed Quote.
SARANTIS EUR 14.3Delayed Quote.
PIRAEUS PORT AUTH.. EUR 16.68Delayed Quote.
GEK TERNA HOLDING.. EUR 4.95Delayed Quote.
ALPHA BANK SA EUR 1.99Delayed Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
KAMADA LTD. ILa 1906Delayed Quote.
AZRIELI GROUP LTD ILa 18820Delayed Quote.
TOWER SEMICONDUCT.. ILa 11900Delayed Quote.
BEZEQ THE ISRAELI.. ILa 516.2Delayed Quote.
BANK HAPOALIM LTD.. ILa 2526Delayed Quote.
BANK LEUMI LE ISR.. ILa 2146Delayed Quote.
GAZIT GLOBE LTD ILa 3715Delayed Quote.
ALLOT COMMUNICATI.. ILa 1801Delayed Quote.
FOX WIZEL LTD ILa 6829Delayed Quote.
OIL REFINERIES LT.. ILa 163.3Delayed Quote.
Last NameLastEcart obj. / dr
NATIONAL CENTRAL .. AED 1.92End-of-day quote.
DUBAI INVESTMENT .. AED 2.51End-of-day quote.
EMAAR PROPERTIES .. AED 7.18End-of-day quote.
EMIRATES NBD BANK.. AED 8.15End-of-day quote.
RAS AL KHAIMAH PR.. AED 0.82End-of-day quote.
ABU DHABI NATNL O.. AED 2.62End-of-day quote.
ABU DHABI COMMERC.. AED 7.3End-of-day quote.
WAHA CAPITAL PJSC AED 1.91End-of-day quote.
EMAAR MALLS PJSC AED 2.2End-of-day quote.
RAS AL KHAIMAH CE.. AED 2.8End-of-day quote.

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