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Last NameLastGaps
PERFORMANT FINANC.. USD 2.31Delayed Quote.9.61%
TUNIU CORP USD 8.54Delayed Quote.6.63%
ASTRONICS CORPORA.. USD 47.35Delayed Quote.4.67%
TRAVELPORT WORLDW.. USD 13.7Delayed Quote.3.27%
KOHL'S CORPORATIO.. USD 63.87Delayed Quote.2.97%
ARADIGM CORPORATI.. USD 2.26Delayed Quote.-27.34%
CONCERT PHARMACEU.. USD 20.15Delayed Quote.-10.39%
NORTHERN STATES F.. USD 0.8101Delayed Quote.-8.67%
GAMESTOP CORP. USD 17.76Delayed Quote.-6.63%
FACEBOOK USD 179.37Delayed Quote.-3.25%
Last NameLastGaps
INTERNATIONAL TOW.. CAD 0.58End-of-day quote.3.64%
ASANKO GOLD INC CAD 1.02End-of-day quote.2.08%
CANFOR CORPORATIO.. CAD 27.19End-of-day quote.1.92%
ALEXCO RESOURCE C.. CAD 2.01End-of-day quote.1.59%
NEVADA COPPER COR.. CAD 0.77End-of-day quote.1.33%
GLACIER MEDIA INC.. CAD 0.66End-of-day quote.-6.06%
AURORA CANNABIS I.. CAD 10.32End-of-day quote.-3.61%
APHRIA INC USD 18.02End-of-day quote.-3.28%
CANOPY GROWTH COR.. CAD 32.35End-of-day quote.-3.11%
HOLLOWAY LODGING .. CAD 5.72End-of-day quote.-1.05%
Last NameLastGaps
CADU INMOBILIARIA.. MXN 14.8End-of-day quote.-0.67%
FIBRA MTY SAPI DE.. MXN 12.6End-of-day quote.-0.63%
UNIFIN FINANCIERA.. MXN 65.28End-of-day quote.-0.02%
Last NameLastGaps
GKN GBp 420Delayed Quote.13.58%
AFI DEVELOPMENT P.. USD 0.195Delayed Quote.7.69%
R.E.A. HOLDINGS P.. GBp 337Delayed Quote.5.17%
TAPTICA INTERNATI.. GBp 490Delayed Quote.5.10%
BUSHVELD MINERALS.. GBp 8.24Delayed Quote.2.91%
REGAL PETROLEUM P.. GBp 12.75Delayed Quote.-11.20%
WEY EDUCATION PLC GBp 33Delayed Quote.-6.85%
DESTINY PHARMA PL.. GBp 156Delayed Quote.-3.14%
RENEURON GROUP PL.. GBp 1.725Delayed Quote.-3.06%
ACTION HOTELS PLC GBp 26.5Delayed Quote.-3.03%
Last NameLastGaps
SWISSQUOTE GROUP .. CHF 44.95Delayed Quote.3.60%
ORELL FUESSLI HOL.. CHF 122Delayed Quote.0.83%
HELVETIA HOLDING CHF 567.5Delayed Quote.0.35%
TEMENOS GROUP AG CHF 88.25Delayed Quote.0.28%
WISEKEY INTERNATI.. CHF 6.29Delayed Quote.0.16%
AVENTRON AG CHF 8.95Delayed Quote.-2.35%
SCHLATTER HOLDING.. CHF 48.6Delayed Quote.-0.82%
Last NameLastGaps
MYHAMMER HOLDING .. EUR 6.6Delayed Quote.0.76%
SILTRONIC EUR 138.2Delayed Quote.0.72%
MAX AUTOMATION AG EUR 9.04Delayed Quote.0.67%
HIGHLIGHT COMMUNI.. EUR 5.04Delayed Quote.0.40%
PUMA AG RUDOLF DA.. EUR 318.5Delayed Quote.-3.54%
ELUMEO SE EUR 11.5Delayed Quote.-1.74%
DATA MODUL AG EUR 72.8Delayed Quote.-1.60%
PROGRESS-WERK OBE.. EUR 47.2Delayed Quote.-1.06%
CARL ZEISS MEDITE.. EUR 52.3Delayed Quote.-1.03%
Last NameLastGaps
SRP GROUPE EUR 11.3Real-time Quote.30.79%
CAFOM EUR 7.6Real-time Quote.2.70%
ICADE EUR 83.95Real-time Quote.1.08%
GLOBAL BIOENERGIE.. EUR 20.4Real-time Quote.1.01%
DASSAULT SYSTÈMES EUR 92.7Real-time Quote.0.80%
INSTALLUX EUR 432Real-time Quote.-3.70%
GÉVELOT EUR 206Real-time Quote.-0.97%
MILLET INNOVATION EUR 24.4Real-time Quote.-0.82%
LAFUMA EUR 24.6Real-time Quote.-0.81%
VIEL & CIE EUR 5.32Real-time Quote.-0.75%
Last NameLastGaps
ASIT BIOTECH EUR 4.9Delayed Quote.7.16%
ARGEN-X EUR 55.9Delayed Quote.0.39%
REALDOLMEN EUR 28.1Delayed Quote.0.36%
WAREHOUSES ESTATE.. EUR 58.5Delayed Quote.-2.56%
MDXHEALTH EUR 3.53Delayed Quote.-0.69%
ACKERMANS & VAN H.. EUR 149.2Delayed Quote.-0.20%
Last NameLastGaps
ARCELORMITTAL EUR 30.63Delayed Quote.0.21%
AVANTIUM EUR 7.49Delayed Quote.-0.80%
TELEGRAAF MEDIA G.. EUR 5.86Delayed Quote.-0.34%
Last NameLastGaps
KEI INDUSTRIES LI.. INR 406.5End-of-day quote.4.91%
KAMDHENU LTD INR 275.45End-of-day quote.4.76%
KARUTURI GLOBAL L.. INR 2.6End-of-day quote.3.85%
IVRCL LTD INR 6.4End-of-day quote.3.17%
LANCO INFRATECH L.. INR 1.85End-of-day quote.2.70%
ORIENT PAPER & IN.. INR 49.7End-of-day quote.-5.23%
DISH TV INDIA LIM.. INR 78.1End-of-day quote.-0.85%
Last NameLastGaps
SHENZHEN HEUNGKON.. CNY 3.71End-of-day quote.9.16%
SUNDY LAND INVEST.. CNY 4.25End-of-day quote.2.26%
GUANGZHOU HOLIKE .. CNY 31.78End-of-day quote.1.25%
BEIJING VANTONE R.. CNY 5.36End-of-day quote.1.18%
ZHUZHOU SMELTER G.. CNY 8.68End-of-day quote.0.92%
JIANGSU PROTRULY .. CNY 6.23End-of-day quote.-5.30%
BOCO INTER-TELECO.. CNY 6.26End-of-day quote.-5.27%
SHANGHAI BEITE TE.. CNY 10.23End-of-day quote.-1.31%
AVIC SHENYANG AIR.. CNY 35.02End-of-day quote.-0.55%
JINZHOU NEW CHINA.. CNY 15End-of-day quote.-0.52%
Last NameLastGaps
CHINA TING GROUP .. HKD 0.4End-of-day quote.2.50%
BAOFENG MODERN IN.. HKD 0.51End-of-day quote.1.96%
INTERNATIONAL ELI.. HKD 0.146End-of-day quote.1.37%
CHINA HENGSHI FOU.. HKD 2.24End-of-day quote.1.34%
KINGDEE INTERNATI.. HKD 4.66End-of-day quote.1.08%
UNIVERSAL TECHNOL.. HKD 0.38End-of-day quote.-6.58%
CHINA ZHENGTONG A.. HKD 8.37End-of-day quote.-3.67%
EMBRY HOLDINGS LI.. HKD 2.34End-of-day quote.-2.56%
CHINA MAPLE LEAF .. HKD 9.37End-of-day quote.-2.12%
GLOBAL DIGITAL CR.. HKD 0.265End-of-day quote.-1.89%
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Last NameLastGaps
BIOLINERX LTD. ILa 403Delayed Quote.2.23%
COMPUGEN LTD. ILa 910.5Delayed Quote.1.81%
TEVA PHARMACEUTIC.. ILa 7227Delayed Quote.1.42%
WILLY-FOOD INVEST.. ILa 1776Delayed Quote.0.17%
DELEK DRILLING LI.. ILa 963Delayed Quote.-0.01%
Last NameLastGaps
EMIRATES DRIVING .. AED 9.2End-of-day quote.13.04%
BANK OF SHARJAH P.. AED 1.24End-of-day quote.2.42%
NATIONAL BANK OF .. AED 4.85End-of-day quote.0.83%
INVEST BANK PSC AED 2.53End-of-day quote.0.79%
MASHREQBANK PSC AED 76.95End-of-day quote.0.28%

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