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SERVISION PLC GBp 1.625Delayed Quote.30.00%30.00%30.00%0,7210,0033
GKN GBp 420Delayed Quote.26.24%28.72%31.50%2 209739 900
ASSOCIATED BRITISH ENGINEERING P.. GBp 50Delayed Quote.25.00%25.00%66.67%0,0000,000-
CLOUDBUY PLC GBp 5.75Delayed Quote.17.35%76.92%127.72%40,05910
WESTMINSTER GROUP PLC GBp 25.75Delayed Quote.17.05%10.75%7.29%4143
PROTON POWER SYSTEMS PLC GBp 5Delayed Quote.14.94%17.65%21.21%70,00944
SIRIUS PETROLEUM PLC GBp 0.975Delayed Quote.14.71%14.71%11.43%60,31347
STRAT AERO PLC GBp 0.06Delayed Quote.14.29%20.00%41.18%0,9780,1306
BOTSWANA DIAMONDS GBp 1.625Delayed Quote.14.04%22.64%44.44%20,01210
O'KEY GROUP SA USD 2.62Delayed Quote.13.91%1.55%4.80%110,008702
LIGHTHOUSE GROUP PLC GBp 22.5Delayed Quote.13.64%18.73%15.38%60,02539
GLI FINANCE LTD GBp 9.35Delayed Quote.13.33%0.54%-5.32%0,3750,03970
NOSTRA TERRA OIL AND GAS COMPANY.. GBp 5.5Delayed Quote.12.24%41.03%26.44%0,0000,339-
TECHFINANCIALS INC GBp 32.5Delayed Quote.12.07%38.89%35.42%90,29932
PREMIER AFRICAN MINERALS LTD GBp 0.245Delayed Quote.11.36%1.66%-34.67%0,3560,71022
ARIANA RESOURCES PLC GBp 1.55Delayed Quote.10.71%6.90%8.77%10,06722
WEATHERLY INTERNATIONAL PLC GBp 1.325Delayed Quote.10.42%1.92%-1.85%0,3580,14719
LB-SHELL PLC GBp 0.325Delayed Quote.10.17%3.17%35.98%0,0280,0040,920
ELAND OIL & GAS PLC GBp 85Delayed Quote.9.82%13.94%22.30%310,859253
W RESOURCES PLC GBp 0.525Delayed Quote.9.38%22.09%36.36%70,13637
THE KELLAN GROUP PLC GBp 0.6Delayed Quote.9.09%9.09%20.00%0,0000,001-
PCG ENTERTAINMENT PLC GBp 0.06Delayed Quote.9.09%0.00%0.00%0,0000,016-
ROTALA PLC GBp 55.5Delayed Quote.8.82%8.82%4.72%30,04337
HORIZON DISCOVERY GROUP PLC GBp 226Delayed Quote.8.65%4.63%-5.83%200,497462
PAPUA MINING PLC GBp 1.275Delayed Quote.8.51%6.25%8.51%0,0000,060-
BRITISH & AMERICAN INVESTMENT TR.. GBp 65Delayed Quote.8.33%8.33%-7.14%0,0000,002-
AFI DEVELOPMENT PLC (GDR) USD 0.195Delayed Quote.8.33%12.72%5.41%150,006133
NOSTRUM OIL & GAS PLC GBp 359Delayed Quote.8.13%10.29%10.12%853914
CSF GROUP PLC GBp 1.35Delayed Quote.8.00%8.00%1.89%0,2170,0023
WISHBONE GOLD PLC GBp 0.5125Delayed Quote.7.89%-6.82%-2.38%0,0000,013-
BORDERS & SOUTHERN PETROLEUM PLC GBp 2.65Delayed Quote.7.72%9.05%41.33%10,04817
ESCHER GROUP HOLDINGS PLC GBp 142.5Delayed Quote.7.55%5.56%-1.72%20,01036
ILIKA PLC GBp 21.5Delayed Quote.7.50%10.26%10.26%20,57123
METALS EXPLORATION PLC GBp 3.625Delayed Quote.7.41%7.41%0.00%70,018103
SCIENCE GROUP PLC GBp 220Delayed Quote.7.32%10.55%7.06%110,081119
BILLINGTON HOLDINGS PLC GBp 283Delayed Quote.7.20%4.04%0.18%20,02550
EVGEN PHARMA PLC GBp 16.4Delayed Quote.7.19%13.89%14.09%30,01821
AB DYNAMICS PLC GBp 897Delayed Quote.7.17%-10.75%-10.97%-280,559236
FILTA GROUP HOLDINGS PLC GBp 202Delayed Quote.7.16%14.77%33.33%100,05875
GULF MARINE SERVICES PLC GBp 48Delayed Quote.7.14%6.67%6.67%140,375227
CAMBRIDGE COGNITION HOLDINGS PLC GBp 129.5Delayed Quote.7.02%-18.55%-18.55%-80,04537
REAL GOOD FOOD PLC GBp 23Delayed Quote.6.98%9.52%3.37%20,01025
MODERN WATER PLC GBp 9.62Delayed Quote.6.89%6.89%20.25%0,8120,01813
REDT ENERGY PLC GBp 9.35Delayed Quote.6.86%3.31%10.00%30,36984
DIALIGHT PLC GBp 670Delayed Quote.6.69%21.82%21.82%540,664299
KROMEK GROUP PLC GBp 26.75Delayed Quote.6.36%10.31%1.42%90,35696
AVANTI COMMUNICATIONS GROUP PLC GBp 8.43Delayed Quote.6.31%3.06%-2.26%0,5490,01618
SOMERO ENTERPRISES, INC. GBp 365Delayed Quote.6.26%10.61%21.87%270,545278
BAGIR GROUP LTD GBp 2.6Delayed Quote.6.12%-5.45%15.56%-0,6300,13911
MOBILITYONE LIMITED GBp 4.38Delayed Quote.6.05%9.50%9.50%0,0000,001-
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